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What Can I Expect from a Massage Session?

Congrats on considering having a massage, you won’t regret it but you may have a few questions and concerns about the actual session. Well fear not! The Light Centre TT is here to help.

First things first, you should be asked to fill out a client consultation form, whereby you will have to answer questions about your general health, any ailments or allergies you may have and what medications you may be taking.

The client consultation form aims to give your massage therapist a better understanding of what your life is like – an understanding of your daily life so to speak, whether you get any exercise, if you drink enough water, what your diet consists of and what you consider your stress level to be.


This will help the therapist adjust their massage to suit you and thus, know what kind of advice and after-care to give you. Your overall health is our concern.

With consultation done, you will be invited into the massage room if you were in a waiting area before. What you should expect to see; even with the dimmed lights, are clean towels/sheets on the massage bed.

No one else would have used those towels/sheets before you on that day, so you will be the first and only ones to lay on them. If you feel they have not been changed, ask for them to be changed. You will also be given instructions to change out of your clothes and either put on a robe, wrap a towel around you or simply get under the towels/sheets on the massage bed after disrobing.

You should be able to do these things in private. Some therapists ask you to keep on your underwear, others will ask you to take everything off and some provide disposable spa underwear (picture), but really it depends on what makes you comfortable. It is perfectly acceptable to let your therapist know what you would rather.


Now, you are finally on the massage bed and covered with towels/sheets. When being massaged your body will start to cool down, if it gets too cold, say so.

Before the massage even begins, try to get comfortable on the massage bed; remember, you will be there for 1 hour or more. If you need a little more support for a lower back issue, ask for a rolled up towel or bolster to elevate the ankles, if you have larger breasts, ask for a towel to be placed across the shoulder area between you and the massage bed, when you are lying on face down.

Remember that you are paying someone to help you relax- the experience should be super comfortable. Don’t be afraid to let your therapist know when you are not happy.

During the massage, depending on what you came in for, you may feel some discomfort as muscles are being manipulated and to relax them the therapist has to knead them, which can cause some tenderness. There should not however be constant pain. You should tell your therapist if some technique hurts too much.

Also, you ought not to feel as though you are being exposed unnecessarily. Only the body part that is being worked on should be exposed, while all else is covered.

You are allowed to ask questions during your massage if you like, so don’t think that you have to remain silent. What should not happen is that the therapist talks your ear off and starts giving you psychological advice, when they are not a psycho-therapist.

Massage therapists are meant to listen and empathize, that’s all! Their advice is limited to body mechanics and your overall well-being. However, they can refer you to someone with more expertise.

After the massage is done, you should be allowed to rest a few minutes lying down or sitting up, just to ensure you are not dizzy. You may be left to put your clothes back on or given other instructions if you are going to receive more services.

Usually a glass of water may be presented so that the flushing out of toxins can begin or you will be instructed to drink more water for the next few days.

Please know that the client is meant to be comfortable throughout the massage and if you are not, you are within your right to let the therapist know your concerns.

If you have any other questions, just drop me a line at The Light Centre TT, and I will endeavor to help as best as I can.

Happy relaxing!

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